Mrinmoy Das

Web Developer

About Me

Hello stranger from , so is your favorite operating system?
Mine is Ubuntu.
I see you are viewing this page from .
If you are an IE user and things seem broken, an heartfelt apology is in order, as I did not get enough time to do a browser test on IE.

As you have probably noticed from the header above, that I work as a web developer, currently working for Simplotel . I am fresh out of college this year, I have roughly about ten months of experience on fixing, maintaining, adding new features to websites.I also did some crawling.

In my spare time, I read stuff, catch on some movies, surf the internet for as many random things as possible. Fork some projects which are beyond my understanding (atleast as of now) and then try to understand that. I am a bit of a comic book junkie. And that is pretty much all I can come up with, for now.